About Removal Services in Finsbury Park

Moving home is a very common thing we do in life. Everyday people leave their old home behind for better prospects. It’s such a common thing that it would be safe to consider that it was a easy and stress free experience, however, ask anyone who has actually moved and they will tell you it can be a difficult process with lots of things to organise and fill in, with lots of packing an heavy lifting for good measure. But we at FinsburyParkRemovals.co.uk don’t think something as ordinary as moving home or office should be so difficult. If it was easy then more people would do it and have a new life for themselves, so we endeavour to make the process as simple and hassle free as possible.

We aim to do this by giving the customer everything they could possibly want, starting with advice. Some people may be determined to do the whole thing themselves despite our affordable service but we’re here for them. If they give us a call on Call Now! we can provide them with advice as well as talk them through all the steps they will have to undertake. If they are unsure about how to pack or if they just want to know where to get boxes we can tell him or her, as well as provide them with what they need.

If someone chooses to recruit us then we will work hard and carefully to get the job done. Some people just see removal services as people who drive their things from their old address to their new one but that couldn’t be further form the truth. Whatever people need us to do we’ll do it and we start with packing. We provide them with bubble wrap, polystyrene, cardboard boxes, wardrobe cases and more so that whatever they are moving we have the right materials for the job. We can pack everything ourselves and will do it so that nothing is broken and that everything is safe to carry.

When this is done we begin to load all our client’s goods on to transport that we provide. We have a wide range of vans and trucks that can ship anything no matter how big. Everything will be securely placed so that nothing is damaged on the journey and our drivers will get everything where it is needed on time. If our customer does not want their belongings taken directly to their new address then we can store them in a local storage facility. These secure containers can hold anything they want for as long as they want without worry of damage, theft or vandalism befalling their items.

We want to go the extra mile for our customers so we will help them not just with local moves but international ones as well. If our clients want to relocate to anywhere in the EU we’ll be there for them with all the service and expertise they could want. Paperwork, shipping small items, furniture and vehicles, picking them up from the airport and handling customs are just some of the things we do to help our customers move into a new country.

We are dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority and that is why we only hire the best staff. We don’t just want people who are experienced and skilled but people who genuinely want to help others with their move, someone who will give advice and someone who is flexible and able to solve any problems that may occur. FinsburyParkRemovals.co.uk is here for all your moving needs.