Finsbury Park Man and Van

Man and Van UKHumans are the dominant species on this planet and by achieved this by being smarter than all other creatures. One of the two key things that allowed us to achieve this was teamwork; working together to build a society in which each person can help another and allow one individual to do something that another couldn’t. The other thing was tools. Humans covered their physical weakness by creating things they lacked. This allowed them to advance themselves, become more powerful and learn about the world. So what does any of this have to do with removal services? It’s simple, our man Man and Van UKand van service is the combination of people working together, using their tools and equipment to help those who cannot help themselves.

Our men are highly trained and knowledgeable in regards to moving and so can take care of each and every problem. We at don’t just hire them for this though as we want staff who are friendly, patient and approachable so they will handle your move with care, answer any questions you have, take time to guide you through the process and be willing to be flexible if your needs change. We have the best movers in the business and you would regret hiring anyone else.

Once you call us on 020 8746 4348 we will start to help you with your move. Guidance, tips and a quote are all things we can provide just over the phone. If you recruit us we’ll send over a man in a van straight away. Firstly we’ll help with your packaging. This is the longest and most annoying step of the process but with out team it will be done in no time.

Man and Van ServicesFirst things first we will sort and list your items to ensure that nothing is lost and allows us to pack easier. Our men will bring all the necessary materials such as polystyrene and boxes then they will get to work, carefully packing your items so that they are safe inside their Man and Van Servicescontainers as well as easy to carry. Badly packed boxes can be dangerous to lift and so we take it very seriously when packing and loading that everything is done properly for the health and safety of everyone involved. We will be able to take apart any furniture that is to big to be removed from your home when intact and doing this allow makes it easier to transport and prevent any damage to it.

The average two bedroom home can be packed within a day so before you know it you’re ready to leave your old address and for your new one. Our vans are as good as our men, coming in all sizes in order to transport whatever you need us to. We take care in the roads so that your things aren’t shaken about and will get everything where you need it on time. If you don’t need everything taken immediately to you new home or office then we can take it to our secure storage facilities. We can hold onto as many of your things for as long as you like and get them back to you whenever you need. Our men will take every precaution available to prevent your things being damaged or stolen while in our care.

Don’t just think our men work inside of Finsbury Park, as we can help you move anywhere in the country and even assist you with international moves into the EU. So give us a call today and we’ll send over a man in van who’ll help you to move by tomorrow.