16May 2024
We appreciate the care and attention to detail Finsbery Park Moving Service puts into every move they do.
Heather M.
27Mar 2024
From start to finish, this company's transparent pricing gave us peace of mind and eliminated any worries about unexpected costs.
A. Morgan
11Mar 2024
Using FinsburyParkRemovals is investing in a stress-free and successful relocation every time.
Fiona M.
28Feb 2024
Thanks to Finsbury Park Removal Company, I didn't have to worry about any hiccups during my move - everything went according to plan.
Fiona O.
11Feb 2024
I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking for unmatched levels of professionalism combined with top-quality workmanship.
Sammy R.
01Feb 2024
We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and dedication shown by the moving team during our experience.
Emma Hawkes
01Feb 2024
From start to finish, everything went smoothly and seamlessly - all thanks to these exceptional services.
Lewis L.
22Jan 2024
The movers' timely arrival was a sign of their dedication and commitment towards their work.
18Dec 2023
I couldn't be happier with the exceptional service we received from them throughout our move.
Harold Ginty
05Jul 2023
These men are pleasant and diligent, delivering outstanding productivity and credibility!
20Jun 2023
The movers did an extraordinary job - they were punctual despite being on schedule, expeditiously dealt with the task at hand and had polite demeanours throughout. Additionally, the furniture was packed in top-notch condition.
Cordelia Fumero
06Feb 2023
A big thank you is owed to the movers for their superb job today. Undertaking jobs while accomplishing great results within one day was definitely not expected yet these guys did it like it was nothing! Superb timing, affable personalities and lots of comical moments; there's no denying they had many years' experience under them! I would definitively recommend them to anyone contemplating hiring Finsbury Park Removal Company do so right away!
L. Kristof
10Feb 2016
Hiring Removalists Finsbury Park for my office move meant that I had nothing to panic about on moving day! The movers worked so swiftly and so carefully, handling all of the items with care and loading them into the van so that they wouldn't get damaged. I'm over the moon with this service and would definitely recommend it!
08Apr 2015
I've used a few different moving services in the past, but Movers Finsbury Park has to be my favourite by far. I chose them for their house removals service, which was nothing less than excellent. From the moment that my movers arrives (on time!) to the moment they left, they were nothing but courteous and professional. Moving my items was quick, and my furniture was moved with a lot of thought - instead of just trying and testing different manoeuvring methods! This is a professional and reliable company through and through - I would fully recommend!
Jimmy P.
24Mar 2015
I was very impressed with FinsburyParkRemovals. They were the only choice for my international move as they were able to complete the entire thing for me. Their expert staff packed, carried and transported goods all the way overseas. They ensured that no item was lost or damaged, so I had everything I needed in my new home when I arrived.
Tilda Ladd
29Jan 2015
I am a single man and organizing a moving “operation” is not exactly my type of thing. I could put everything in boxes, but I knew it wouldn't be a great idea because I knew they wouldn't be organized properly. So when I hired FinsburyParkRemovals for their removals services, I asked them for packing/unpacking services too. They did everything for me and they did it perfectly so I'm giving them 5/5 stars!
Armand Terrence
24Nov 2014
Moving back home to France was a stressful prospect, especially when I thought about all the furniture and belongings, not to mention my car that I had accumulated in London. I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to FinsburyParkRemovals for lifting that heavy burden for me and making sure all my belongings arrived safely at my new home. I can't begin to describe how satisfied I was with their level of professionalism and customer service. If I ever need to move again, you'll be the first ones I call!
X. Moniot
12Nov 2014
I was splitting with my boyfriend and moving into a new apartment of my own. I hired the services of FinsburyParkRemovals to move my possessions. I was worried as I had a lot of fragile and delicate heirlooms that had been in my family for years. I was guaranteed that there would be no problems by the staff, and booked a date which began with the packing service first before it was shipped. I have to say there were no accidents and my complete load arrived safe.
Leah E.
10Sep 2014
I want to how thankful to FinsburyParkRemovals I am for providing me with a super removals van. I hired them not long back for removal van hire and I have to say, they were really impressive. They were excellent from beginning to end. So if anyone needs first class removals, hire this company now and I promise you that you will not regret it. Well recommended. I can't recommend them enough!
Mary Olsen
27Aug 2014
I have never really taken much of an interest in moving house, but for this one, I was in charge of finding the right removals company. I settled on FinsburyParkRemovals, who were lovely to deal with on the phone, and equally nice in person, which made the whole process a lot easier, I must say! Having nice chaps about the house when you are moving is a pleasure, and the resulting move went ahead very smoothly indeed.
Betty W.
13Aug 2014
If I had to pick one aspect of this removal company for special praise it would have to be the team of removal men. They really did an excellent job working extremely hard but also taking care with all my items of furniture and suchlike. In terms of appearance they were professional looking as well as being polite and friendly. Overall, my experience with FinsburyParkRemovals was very pleasant and I would have no hesitation in using them again although I don't plan on moving again for some time! Again, a big thanks to the removals team and office staff for taking care of my relocation.
25Jul 2014
This removal company gave me the confidence I needed for moving day and they helped me with heavy lifting, carrying, manoeuvring and loading all of my furniture into the van. The movers were friendly, chatty and very good at keeping me calm and stress-free. FinsburyParkRemovals's furniture removal service is truly a great one if you have lots of furniture to move or if you just want help and advice. I'm more than happy with the service I received and would wholeheartedly recommend this company and its wonderfully experienced staff to anyone looking for a dependable and reliable removal company!
John P.
07Jul 2014
International removals are tricky business, and if you are not the sort to be organizing international logistics then they are not the best things to be sorting out on your own! I found out the hard way, and had a few set backs until I caved and got FinsburyParkRemovals in to sort it all out for me! I am very glad that I did, as they really did make it all a lot less of a hassle, and I was extremely impressed with how well everything went as soon as I employed them to pull me from my own wreckage!
John Henderson
25Jun 2014
I was searching for a company that could transport my belongings within a short distance as I was only moving to a new home three miles away. FinsburyParkRemovals were helpful from the very start, the quote they gave me was exactly what I was charged. No hidden extras, for such a short distance the final quote was very affordable and I am really happy with the job the removal team done. They were brilliant and nothing was too much for them, a highly recommended company.
Zara C.
11Jun 2014
Have been using FinsburyParkRemovals for a number of years and can't see any reason why this relationship won't continue for a long, long time! I do sincerely hope it does, because I'm not sure what we would do without them. They are by far the finest removal company we've ever use - and we've used a lot of ‘em! They're a great team of friendly, helpful people who really care about assisting people in any and every way we can. Keep it up FinsburyParkRemovals - you really are the best!
Raphaelle L.
13May 2014
Is it easy finding a decent removals company? The answer to that question is no. Which is why, when you find a good company, you have to snap them up and not take them for granted. You must hire them straight away. I chose FinsburyParkRemovals simply because a dear friend of mine recommended them to me. So I just hired them. And they were even better than I had expected them to be. Professional, efficient and organized. I was struck at how motivated and diligent the team of movers was. Couldn't be happier!
Claudia Paltrow
29Apr 2014
Got to say that I have never been more impressed with a simple moving service. I was long ago resigned to the fact that, when I moved, it would be a difficult and long procedure where things would probably get broken and lost. I must not have been counting on FinsburyParkRemovals to help me out, as their help made all the difference and they made the entire process really simple. Everything made it safely into the new home, in no small part down to their ability to make sure that I got the services I needed. And cheap too.
Donna Cox
14Apr 2014
I have found that moving house is one of the most stressful things that a man can be in charge of, so I must admit to some relief when I found that FinsburyParkRemovals were willing to take a fair amount of the responsibility from me! In the event that I was concerned about something like when or where a certain aspect of the move was going to happen,. I just rang the head of the move, and he smoothed everything out. I must apologize to him now for so many panicked calls, and thank the whole team for such an excellent job in getting us moved safely and securely, it really was a pleasure!
Arthur Edwards
29Mar 2014
I would advise to anybody needing to move house or office to call FinsburyParkRemovals if you need an efficient removal company. We had the easiest move ever with this company, they were excellent. From the first meeting to arrange a cost, to the actual move it all went splendidly. The team was friendly and polite and did a capable job. Nothing of ours was broke in loading or transit. The service was impressive and the whole move went without a glitch. We were given a complete explanation of how it was going to be handled, so there were no delays.
Glenda Shiller
19Mar 2014
Moving to the new home seemed to be far more hassle than it was worth. I spent hours ringing between every removals company in the area and it was only when I reached FinsburyParkRemovals that things started getting easy. With a cheap quote and a great understanding of what I needed, I felt that I was in the best possible hands from the very first moment. With this in mind, I can certainly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to move home in the near future. You get a great deal every single time, it seems.
Janice W.
28Feb 2014
There's not much these guys don't know when it comes to removals. I have been moving about from houses for decades now and I don't think I've ever come across a firm as knowledgeable as the guys at FinsburyParkRemovals. They really knew what they were doing, and you could tell from the way about their business. From my first phone call to them unloading the last box, they did their best to put me at ease and turned what can be quite a stressful situation into an easy one. Great experience and would certainly recommend to anyone who needed help.
Andrew Smith
10Feb 2014
I never really thought that moving home would be the simplest thing in the world, but I wasn't expecting the hassle I first found from the many removals firms I called. Thankfully, I finally got round to calling FinsburyParkRemovals and from then on I knew I was in great hands. Their full professional knowledge meant that all of my possessions were moved right into my new place and everything was incredibly relaxed. I think their service is really great, and I am not sure I can go far enough in recommending their service for each and every person out there.
S. Henderson
31Jan 2014
Back in August we moved house with help from FinsburyParkRemovals. I would hereby like to pass on our hugest gratitude towards the crew that was sent out the day before to pack our home. They did their job so well that I knew nothing would be damaged. My husband and I were in fact in awe of the hard work these guys put into the entire process. It was a mammoth task that they accomplished without delay. A special thanks to the team leader who watched over everything to ensure all our requests were met. We would also like to say thank you for doing a few extra tasks and not charging anything for the effort.
21Jan 2014
I thought I'd be able to manage all of my furniture for my moving day but I didn't realise just how heavy it was all going to be! A friend told me I'd better called FinsburyParkRemovals for cheap but reliable help and I'm very glad that I did. The movers seemed to be able to handle all of my furniture without any trouble at all, and they were fantastic at not only carrying it, but also loading it all into the van and unloading it once we got to my new home. I don't think I could have coped without these removal experts - thanks so much!
Stuart D.
07Jan 2014
If you are stuck for where to find a removals company who can give you the goods as well as being friendly and well priced, then look no further than FinsburyParkRemovals as they have just done our latest removal and gave us exactly that! When you are in a position where you need there to be a good atmosphere in the house whilst things are busy, you know that you can't just go for the cheapest option, you have to meet with the team beforehand. We did this, and found that the cheapest option were the best option!
Paula W.
28Dec 2013
I was impressed with FinsburyParkRemovals removal service. They provided a comprehensive packing and moving service, they were able to wrap and store my belongings. They were careful about wrapping, making sure not to damage anything, yet the job was completed in no time. They had the most advanced equipment and they really knew how to provide a supportive move. I would recommend them to anybody planning a home or apartment move. They know exactly what services are useful and they offer competitive and affordable prices. What a great service. I will surely be using FinsburyParkRemovals in the future.
18Dec 2013
The moving team at FinsburyParkRemovals were excellent throughout the entirety of my home move. I was pressed for time and I needed a company that could diligently pack and transport my belongings quick. I was impressed with their service because they packed my belongings carefully so that nothing was damaged. They wrapped my furniture and carefully loaded everything into their van for transport. Despite the tight time frame, FinsburyParkRemovals was able to complete my move proficiently. They were friendly throughout the service and most importantly, their service was affordable. What a great company!
05Dec 2013
Getting everything that you own in to a van and moved half way across the country seems like a ridiculous thing to do, especially when you are half way through the job. You think to yourself ‘why on earth did I decide to do this to myself?' Of course, when you are settled in it's a different story, and I am really happy that I did decide to move. The movers form FinsburyParkRemovals made the whole thing a lot easier than it really should have been as well, as they were so helpful and polite that I felt like my move was in good hands at all times. A highly recommended firm.
J. Berry