03 June 2016
A guide to choosing a N4 man with a van hire
A guide to choosing a N4 man with a van hire

One may think that relocating is not such a difficult task, with all the technology we have, but the answer to this is trickier than we think. Indeed, now we have technology that wasn’t available in the past, but we also have less time and energy, not mentioning the daily stress. The best way to avoid a stressful N4 relocation is to hire a man with a van N4 company which will do most of the job for you. Just think no stress, no worries and a hassle free relocation. Exactly what you wanted.  But how to find the right N4 man and a van company? If you are a newbie in this, then it sure must seem difficult for you. That`s why we created the following guide which will answer most of your questions and will help you choose the right removal company:

•    Do some research first about the available N4 man with a van companies and make a list with the ones you think would suit your needs perfectly. If you know someone who moved recently, you can get a recommendation from them or you could simply search the internet.

•    After you made the list with the companies you found, it`s time you contacted them and ask for a quote from each one. When you tell them your requirements, make sure you mention your current and future address, the moving dates, a list with the bulky pieces of furniture and an approximate number of the packing boxes. This should be enough to get you an accurate quote. Now all you have to do is wait for the quotes to come and see which of the companies are the ones available on that dates and also affordable.

•    Once you decided for a company, make sure they can be trusted. Check their website to see if they show their vehicles and if they have reviews from customers. This may sound a little bit foolish but is in fact very efficient. Having reviews from a lot of customers but without any proof they are real, should raise some questions for you.

•    Also check is they are fully insured. This usually consists of vehicles insurance, customers insurance and employees insurance. Ask them how much they can compensate you in case your belongings get damaged or lost. After you`ve checked all this, you just have to book your relocation with them if you are happy with their answer.

•    The last thing that needs to be done is to read very well the agreement you`ll have to sign. Don’t do anything in hurry; make sure you know exactly what the company will offer you and also what they expect from you. An example of this is the deposit. Some companies ask for a deposit while others don’t. No need to be ashamed to asked about everything that is not clear, it`s your relocation and you need to make sure everything goes well and you won`t have any unpleasant experiences with the relocation Finsbury Park man with a van company.

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