03 June 2016
Pack in, pack out, do the moving shuffle!
Pack in, pack out, do the moving shuffle!

I'm sure you're familiar that moving house is a lot of work. Having to pack all of your things away, only to have to unpack them almost immediately, compound that with the stress of the moving experience and you can see why many dread it. I believe in efficiency, and to help you to see why, here are a few tips to keep in mind;

The first thing to do is plan. Plan every step out – the packing process, what companies to use, what to do on the first day in your new home and so on. Make a note of all of these steps and keep it close at hand. Label each box in whatever way you feel best; whether it's by the room the items came from (Kitchen 1, 2, Master Bedroom), or whether or not the items need to be unpacked first or not. This makes the unpacking process easier for you, your family and the moving company. It also makes sense to make a note as to where the most important items are stored.

Now on to the actual packing. First, let me stress that it's very important that you use the right materials. These are; high quality boxes and proper packing tape from well trusted retailers. These materials are built to take the packing strain, and will as long as you don't overload them – fifty pounds of weight is the limit for a medium sized box. When packing the breakables wrap them in multiple layers or bubble wrap or packing paper, (at least three layers of bubble wrap, or five layers of packing paper) to keep them safe. Remember, the time it takes to complete a job is reduced with every extra person who helps. Ask your friends, neighbours and your family to help pack, or request packing assistance from the movers. The latter option will cut down the amount of work considerably.

Speaking of unpacking, there's a lot of thought to be put into the room that gets unpacked first, it's either the kitchen or the bedrooms (or at least the beds) depending on the time of day you arrive. If it's late, get the beds out and order out for food, if it's still light outside, then unpack the kitchen and have a proper meal. It makes sense.

Consider the items and possessions that have a specific place. They should be among the items to unpack first too, then you don't have to worry about them. However, it might be worth having a good clean before you start getting everything out – perhaps even open some windows to get the fresh air in. This will cleanse the house and immediately make it feel more like your new home.

So to summarise; When packing use the proper materials and don't skimp on the quality, and when unpacking, have a specific order in mind, and for both, the more hands, the better (well, up to a point). If you bear all these tips in mind the moving experience will feel more streamlined and efficient, and, when its all over, will allow you to revel in the clutter less new home you've exerted less effort to get to.

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