Moving house is a great strain on you as an individual. There are very few things that we go through in life that can be as difficult as getting everything that you own from one place to another, and all of the implications that the process entails can lead you to a state of near breakdown, so any help that you can get is likely worthwhile! In this short guide we will try and take you through some of the facts to remember when moving to N4, because if you are feeling stranded out on your own, then a little reassurance can go a long way. Remember, we’ve all been there, you are not alone!

Be aware that there are good times of day to travel as well as bad ones. Statistically the early mornings and evenings are the worst times for traffic, so try and leave around midday to make sure that you maximise your chances of getting to the new place without delay. Spending as little time on the road as possible will reduce costs and your heart rate, so it is a well worthwhile thing to get right.  Another time saving tip is to make sure that everyone is as prepared as possible, and that includes you! Get planning a good couple of months in advance, and you will find that you are prepared for the worst when it inevitably happens! Take your N4removals team through the move, making sure that they know how you want every little thing to happen. Draw up a plan of the new place, and mark in where you want all of your larger items of furniture. This will save you a great deal of heavy lifting in the long run, as you shouldn’t have to re position everything! Marking down which room each box is for will do a similar job in saving time, as you’ll be able to unpack each room straight away.  

A handy tip is to write out a rough little inventory of each box’s contents on the box, so that when it comes to it, you know what is in each box. This will be especially helpful if you need to access something urgently during or after the move, as you will not have to rip through each other box before you find your missing item! Make sure that each box is properly taped, and that the bottoms won’t fall out when they are lifted. This also goes for making sure that each box is the right weight. You should make sure that heavy items are not packed together, as otherwise you can sustain an injury lifting them, and if a mover gets hurt while working your job you may find yourself responsible and in the firing line! for this reason, make sure that books are dispersed evenly amongst other boxes, rather than piled in to a few particularly heavy boxes.

Check out the new house to make sure that it does not need any work doing, as these sorts of things need to be completed before you move your belongings in realistically. Having the place insulated further can help you save money as well as the environment by using less energy, and a lick of paint can make your new place look fresh and ready for its new inhabitants.

Don’t forget to sort out a carer for the kids if you have them, as they can get bored during the N4 move and become a nuisance. This can be a particular problem if you consider the accidents that could happen!