Moving office is a great time to get your workplace looking amazing and ready for a new lease of life as housing for a successful business, but the actual move can be a much more boring affair. Having some useful tools around during the move process can make everything a lot easier and you may even start to find it fun as you work towards making the place into the perfect working environment. Here are some tips for when you are moving office, and what tools to use to make the whole thing a lot easier.

Firstly, you will need the classics; packing materials. Make sure that you know how many boxes you need and order just a couple of extra ones just in case. Get a couple of rolls of packing tape, some recycled packing paper, and bubble wrap if you need it. Marker pens are particularly useful. If your office is one that deals in a lot of paper, then you will need adequate filing systems in place during the move, so that everything can be set back up easily and quickly when you arrive at the new premises. These essentials are all very obvious when you read them, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget, and even run out, so be prepared!

With the mention of packing tape comes our first in a line of useful tools; the tape dispenser. This handy gadget rolls out and cuts the tape as you run it along the top of the box, sealing it neatly and effectively. This will save you a great deal of time and fiddling with tape if you have a large number of boxes to pack. It will also stop you biting the tape to save time, which can get painful as your teeth clack together every time. Be wise, and avoid struggling with tape that insists on sticking to itself; get a packing tape dispenser!

If you are carting boxes around, then another useful tool is the sack barrow. This handy tool makes maneuvering boxes and other larger items like cupboards, book cases and filing cabinets a whole load easier, as long as they have a flat bottom and sides with a sturdy structure. The barrow works by sliding a flat plate beneath the object, and then tipping it on to its rear struts, taking the weight of the item on its wheels. This piece of equipment can make moving a large cabinet a one man job and a whole load quicker. It is a highly recommended bit of kit, and will make the whole ‘lifting’ part of the move seem like a walk in the park!

If you are performing a particularly large move, then you will likely be hiring a large van to do the move in. If you are clever then you will order a van that has a lift on the back, as this will make your loading process much, much quicker. Imagine if you did not have to lift every item up in small, manageable amounts! The tail lift will speed the operation up by a high margin, so in connection with the other tools that we have mentioned, it is invaluable!

While you may think that these things are the sorts of things that you can get by without, they are rarely that expensive, and will save you so much time and effort that they are worth every penny, so make sure that you make your move a breeze, and invest in some decent tools!