When moving house, there are so many things to remember. Here are ten things that are easily forgotten in amongst all else that is going on. They may be small, but can make all the difference – leaving the move a lot more pleasant and less stressful for everyone involved.

1.    Redirection – you will need to send your change of address to a whole heck of a lot of people. Friends, family, bankers, insurance companies, utilities, pension schemes, government … the lists seems endless. You're bound to forget someone, so engage a mail redirection service for six months to a year. When you get redirected mail in the new home, from a store loyalty card, for example, get in touch and change your address with them straight away.

2.    the last things to pack – don't pack these moving day essentials! Your vacuum cleaner, the kettle, cups, coffee, tea, milk, juice and sugar. You'll be needing these right up until the second you shut the door for good. Also good is some all purpose cleaner, cloths, dusters … after all, you want to leave the place clean for the incoming family. Keep some bin bags back, and even a screwdriver for last minute jobs – like removing shelves and picture hooks.

3.    a meal to eat – this is for when you get to the other end. You want something can either be reheated very quickly, or can be eaten cold and with fingers. The last thing you want is to have to turn around and cook from scratch after a long moving day, especially when half of your pots, pans and plates aren't even unpacked.

4.    your essentials kit – this is to take with you in the car. Keep your vital numbers for the day in it – estate agent, removals firm, roadside assistance, solicitors and emergency contact. Then, your keys: to the new home, old home (see 10. below) and all vehicles. Your passports and other key documents you simply can't afford to lose.

5.    cleaning up – it's not essential, but it's good karma. You want to move into a clean house, so leave your old home clean too. You'll make the new owners happy (they're less likely to contact you to complain about anything). You can leave with a clear conscience that you have done your very best. What goes around, comes around.

6.    Insurance – it's worth taking out special insurance for moving day. Ensure all your belongings are covered in transit. If you're using a professional removals firm, this should be part of the package: but check. If you're doing it yourself, it's vital that you cover it independently. Especially if it's a long distance move or involves an overnight stop.

7.    something for the newcomers – again, it's the feel-good factor. A card, flowers, or a bottle of champagne. Wouldn't it be nice if this became a custom, and you received those when you arrive at your new home. Being on good terms with your buyer is important going forward, especially if you're not moving far.

8.    read the meters – do this just before you shut the door. All the lights should be off, and it should be after you've finished the last run round with the vacuum cleaner. Then, phone through your readings on electricity, water and gas to the utilities companies before you get in the car. It's the only way to get an accurate final bill.

9.    your camera – not just to record your final moments, and the first ones in your new home. In case of disputes, you can produce evidence of the state of the house as you left it. Also any problems you've found in the new house. Date stamp pictures and videos.

10.    leave the keys! - leave spares on an obvious counter. Deliver the main set to the estate agent or solicitor as arranged. Don't forget side gates, sheds, etcetera.